Who We Are ?

This blog is maintained by Al Hussain Foundation (Ahle Sunnath ul Jamaat), India. Our believes are on the believes of the great scholars of the Ahle Sunnat ul Jamaat like Sarkar-e-Ghouse-Azam, Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz, Khwaja Banda Nawaz, Ala Hazrath etc.

Our intention to is to gather All (as much as possible) necessary information related to Ahle Sunnat ul Jamaat such as Books (In most of the languages), Speeches, Sharaih Masails, Articles, Hamd, Nath & Salam.

We would like to hear from you for any feedback, Suggestions and any other useful information that can help our Muslim Ummah.

Al-Hussain Foundation,
Karkhana Mauhalla, Devi Nagar,
Ballari, Karnataka (state), India.

“Meer-e-Arab (Swallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) Ko Aayi Thandi Hawa Jahan Se
Mera Watan Wohi Hai, Mera Watan Wohi Hai”


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